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"You never get a second chance to make a first impression."

- Will Rogers

I'm Beatriz Justi

Passionate about empowering women.


For years, I have been able to show the essence of the women around me, and I am very happy and fulfilled because of it.

My job is to elevate your image, making you earn more money and more recognition.


Fashion College at ESAMC
Course "Strategic Image Consulting by Jaque Molonha"

Course "Color Analysis" Drops of Color

Mentored by Luana Nolasco, one of the top image consultants in Brazil 

My goal is not only take care of your personal image…


It's about highlighting your essence and conveying that to the world. Each individual is unique, and there's no one-size-fits-all recipe for dressing well. It's necessary to respect everyone's individualities. Aligning your personal image with your professional image is essential for people to respect and value who you are.


It's necessary to break through the communication noise of your image so that the world can see it.


It's not enough to just have a good resume. Your image needs to accompany it.


A strong image is the key to opening doors in the professional and personal world. Investing in your image is investing in unlimited opportunities for success and recognition.

Your image is the key

Your image is the first impression you convey to the world. With a well-groomed and confident image, you will always be ahead, leaving a memorable mark in each encounter.

Your memorable brand

Add a Title

Add a Title

The perception that others have of you is directly influenced by your image. By polishing your appearance and communicating your authenticity, you inspire trust and respect in all aspects of life.

Authenticity & trust

The image you project reflects your values ​​and goals. By working on your image strategically, you position yourself as an influential leader, ready to achieve your dreams and inspire others to do the same.

Be strategic & Inspire


Luxury Consultancy

Personalized and luxurious image transformation, enhancing personal and professional image with comprehensive services and 30-day follow-up. Includes style diagnosis, wardrobe detox, and personalized shopping day.

On-line Consultancy

Detailed and flexible online image transformation, offering digital convenience with personalized planning and follow-up. Ideal for those seeking accessible style advice from anywhere.

Focus on Style

Enhancing personal and professional style, aligning image with professional goals and improving social perception. Includes social media analysis and personal brand management.

Color Analysis

Optimizing wardrobe choices through color analysis, enhancing natural beauty and boosting confidence. Facilitates choosing pieces that complement personal color palette.

Contact Me

Are you ready to transform your image and boost your confidence?

A personalized style journey awaits you...

Beatriz Justi | Image Consultancy 

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Tel. +1 (513) 568-2832
Cincinnati, Ohio.

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